Car Valeting in North East Fife


Hubmaier Direct offers a super convenient car valeting service available to addresses in North East Fife. We will ensure that your car is cleaned thoroughly inside and out, dust and dirt removed, surfaces polished, window glass cleaned inside and out, and the bodywork of the car will be cleaned and buffed. Appropriate care will be taken with the leatherwork of the car. Typically the cleaning takes around one hour.

Available in St Andrews, Newport, Tayport, Cupar, Wormit, Auchtermuchty, Largowards and the East Neuk, and the surrounding area.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash.

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  1. 6 October 2018

    What line of products do you use for valeting?


    Thanks for getting in touch. 

    We may use reputable third parties to do the valeting, but where we do the work ourselves, we use the following products:

    Autoglym tar remover
    Autoglym resin
    Autoglym leather cleaner
    Triple wax wash and wax
    S-doc for spills and stains
    Microfibre clothes

    We would use either a two bucket system or a hose rinse.

    Best regards,