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Online Chinese Handwriting lessons for English speakers, charged at an hourly rate.

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Are you fascinated by Chinese script? Would you like to learn to write Chinese characters?

Nearly one billion people today speak Mandarin Chinese as their native language. Chinese is increasingly establishing itself as one of the major languages of international communication and commerce. Learning to write in Chinese will help to set you apart in the jobs market, and will enrich your understanding of the Chinese culture.

Hubmaier Direct is happy to offer online Chinese handwriting lessons for speakers of foreign languages. All of our tutors are native speakers, and are experienced or qualified tutors. We will typically begin with a chat about your goals and expectations for the lesson or series of lessons, and will craft a curriculum or series of structured lesson plans around your needs.

The lessons can be conducted via skype or whatsapp. A video connection will be essential.

If you would like to have multiple lessons, please change the quantity of lessons when ordering. Scheduling of the lessons will take place by email correspondence following purchase.

The fee charged is for a one-hour one-to-one lesson.

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