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Product design consultancy in the construction and construction materials sector: building materials, prefabrication, modular construction, modern methods of construction (MMCs), natural building materials.

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CIUB is a Belfast-based design and certification consultancy with experience in manufacturing, building materials, construction systems and prefabrication.

Product design expertise

CIUB has helped firms design a huge variety of construction products and building systems. In order to deliver innovative and competitive products, the CIUB approach relies on balancing commercial and technical needs from the outset of the project.

Whether your system requires small design tweaks, improvement in ‘build-ability’, redesigned for efficiency, or you have encountered major design hurdles, CIUB can bring product design expertise and a fresh set of eyes to your design project.

Demand for new products

Recent reforms in building regulations – in particular, energy conservation – have had a transformational impact on the building product market. Traditional construction methods are straining to keep pace with ever more stringent standards; whilst modern building products and systems that used to exist on the fringes are entering the mainstream.

If you have an idea for a brand new product or your current product offering needs reconfigured, we can help you find innovative solutions and overcome design challenges.

What we offer

CIUB offers targeted design consultancy services, focused on helping clients deliver innovative, viable, market-ready construction products and systems. Areas of particular expertise are rapid-build systems, prefabrication, material science, energy conservation and insulating materials.

CIUB has worked on products at every stage in the process of prefabrication from manhandle-able panels, through SIPs, open- and closed-frame panel systems, up to fully prefabricated, turn-key structures.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your project and design challenges, email or call (+44)7791 568041.

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